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About the International Journal “Speech Genres”

This is an open access article distributed under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY 4.0).

Saratov State National Research University named after N.G. Chernyshevsky has been producing the International Journal “Speech Genres” since 2013. The Journal is dedicated to the problems of speech and communication genres as well as current approaches of studying speech genres. The Journal is based on serial thematic periodical collection of publications “Speech Genres” (Saratov-Moscow, issues 1-8) which has become widely popular in Russia and abroad. The website of the edition is http://old.sgu.ru/node/75195.

The main objective of the Journal is to represent the general state of speech genres theory in Russia and in the world and most up-to-date approaches in the study of speech genres. The editorial board focuses attention on genre studies theory as well as particular speech genres. The Journal will contain publications on speech genres theory: typology of genres and genre forms, genres in connection with language, culture and culture image of the world, linguistic personality, arts, mass media, comparative studies of speech genres etc.

The Journal will include the following sections:

General theory of speech genres;

Studies of separate genres;

Material for Speech genres Encyclopedia;

Genres and near-genre space of speech;

Genres in philo- and ontogenesis;

Genres and arts;

Genres of mass media;

Genres of new culture spheres;


Reviews and bibliography.

Continuity of the Journal “Speech Genres” as related to the collection is emphasized by keeping the numbering: the first issue of the journal is, at the same time, the ninth issue of the collection.

The Journal will come out twice a year.

The languages for publications are Russian and English.

The editorial board welcomes cooperation with all specialists interested in genre studies. Since the Journal comes out twice a year, we expect articles from potential authors until 1st June and 1st December each year.

The Publisher and the editorial board of “Speech Genres” are equally responsible for the Journal. The Publisher has the right to hire and fire editors and make important commercial decisions which require active participation from the editor. The editorial board is fully responsible for defining the editorial content of the Journal. The editorial board insists on the notion of editorial freedom even if the position of its members is exposed to attack.

The initial role of the editorial board is to check whether the submitted manuscript matches the theme, i.e. is included into the sphere of “Speech Genres” interests. The decision on publication is closely connected with some of its characteristics (importance of the theme, originality, scholarly armament, clarity and completeness of written expression). Then the editorial board selects several experts (publisher’s readers) who evaluate the submitted manuscript and contact the author. The head editor and the editorial board members are the first to see the manuscripts and conduct the first selection in order to make further decisions concerning the manuscripts.

The editorial board checks if research matches ethical norms and could do any harm to the readers or the Journal. The editorial board is responsible for editorial decisions being free from prejudice based on nationality, ethnicity, political views, race or religion of the author. Also, the editorial board encourages publisher’s readers to check manuscripts thoroughly for originality or any other violations of scientific ethics.

Materials should be sent as attachment files to an application letter with personal information (surname, name, patronymic, place of work and position, degree and title, contact telephone number and e-mail address). Each article should be enclosed as a separate file.

Articles submitted to the Journal are sent for reviewing. The editorial board makes decisions whether articles will be published taking into account the publisher’s reader’s opinion.

The author is fully responsible for the content of publication.

We would like to draw the authors’ attention to the fact that in the International Journal most information is given in English (titles, annotations, key words, names of organizations in which author is registered, publisher’s imprint). The other part which is not translated into English (authors’ surnames, Russian source names in bibliography, proper names of organizations and publishing houses) and submitted in Cyrillic in the original, should be transliterated into the Roman (Latin) alphabet in accordance with one of the accepted transliteration systems.

Please note that materials not related to the themes of the Journal or not formatted in accordance with listed requirements will not be considered.

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