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In this work the attention on a variety of genres of the prosaic works published in one of “thick” magazines of centenary prescription “eserovsky” orientation “Precepts” is fixed. From the genre party the art and fictional structure of this periodical only beginning to enter in sight of literary critics wasn’t considered yet. Thus, the relevance of the announced subject is obvious. The attention to a genre component of “zavetovsky” prose will allow to estimate completeness of reflection in him the current literature that demonstrates conceptuality of literary and critical approach to her, about the aspiration to satisfy to worthy taste of the reader, thereby will promote clearing of program
and esthetic installations of creators of the magazine. The purpose of work is statement of a research task and definition of ways of her performance. As methods of a research the immanent method of the analysis of the text and comparative, applicable to a number of concrete situations is chosen (comparison of genre structure of prose of art and fictional departments of “Precepts” and “The Russian thought” of the same period; studying of dynamics of coexistence of works within a concrete genre: novel, story, story; consideration “zavetovskikh” of publications of writers-fiction writers in the context of creativity of each of them and in the context of the magazine in general). Studying under the designated point of view of the journal variety of genres of big literature and a fiction defining the person of the periodical will allow to characterize visually a programmnost of editorial selection which pursues at least two aims: to really diversify reading and at the same time to show richness of the current literature which demonstrates her viability, and not decline at all.
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