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The measures of professionalism of a critic is determined by the ability to assess the object of his observation, based on its internal properties and the vital demands of society. In particular, media criticism is an biased interpretation of the concrete results of the work of the mass media in terms of emerging ideas about the proper quality of journalistic work. According to the rules of the genre, a dramatic script is laid down in a media-critical utterance. As parts of the acting forces there are a critic, criticized media text, the author-journalist behind him, often other critics participating in the controversy over this media text, and the intended audience (reading public, viewers, web users). The speech genre of media-critical utterance is noted in Russia by an internal paternalistic attitude to a heart-to-heart talk with ”our own”, close users of the media product. In the domestic versions of the observed genre, as a rule, there is a clear or hidden belief in the possibility of an indispensable acquisition of proselytes.
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