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Fedosyuk Mikhail Yurievich

Professor, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies
Scientific degree: 
Doctor of Philology
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Publication in the collection of articles "Speech genres": Fedosyuk M.Yu. The research of means of speech impact and the theory of speech genres. [Issledovanie sredstv rechevogo vozdejstviya i teoriya zhanrov rechi]. Zhanry rechi – Speech genres. Saratov: College, 1997. Vol. 1.  Pp. 66-88; Fedosyuk M.Yu., Borodkina T.Yu. Concrete-referring proposals in scientific texts. [Konkretnoreferentnye predlozheniya v nauchnykh tekstakh]. Zhanry rechi – Speech genres. Saratov: College, 2002. Vol. 3.  Pp. 296-308; Fedosyuk M.Yu. The idea of art as a kind of its implicit content. [Ideya khudozhestvennogo proizvedeniya kak raznovidnost' ego implitsitnogo soderzhaniya]. Zhanry rechi – Speech genres. Saratov, Moscow, 2012. Vol. 8. Genre and creativity. Pp. 251-264.

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